Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saas Fee

Hello everybody,

On Monday were the”Eurocup” in Saas Fee so we drove to Switzerland to join the competition.

On Saturday night we arrived at Saas Fee and there we had to wait very long for our car which brought us to our hotel.

At Sunday morning we drove to glacier and at 12 o’clock we started to train at the halfpipe. I know it was very late but the training for the competition didn´t start earlier.

It was my third ski day and my first day shredding the halfpipe so I just tried safe tricks. 

At the next day was the competition and we drove with the first gondola at 7:30 to the mountain and we saw the sun raising!
It was just awesome and I really liked the awesome view!

It was my first international competition and I was stoked that I was still in the final because I just had a half day to train at the halfpipe before!
Finally I got 6th place. 

The best thing is that I have enough FIS-points to join the YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES in Innsbruck!
So I am still looking forward to January 13th when the YOG starts!
Till January I will train hard and I will give my best to learn a lot of new tricks. 

If I look back I just can say that I had a pretty good time in Saas Fee!!!