Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trip to London

Hi Guys,

It´s me, Lisi, the youngest member of the G-TEAM!
Tomorrow I have to drive to the airport in Munich for the flight to London at 10 am. There I will stay for two weeks with a friend.
I decided to fly to London because the “Hotel Unterbräu” supports the whole trip! I think it´s a very good change for me to improve my English skills and I don´t have to spend money for the accommodation, the flight, food and other things! ;-)
I´m really excited because I fly the first time and I have never been in GB before.
Thanks a lot to the hotel guide Markus Bichler!
I try to keep you update!
PS: I think I should go and pack my case!

Stay tuned!


Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are two brothers and two sisters and this is our first family-blog. We are very proud about it and we want to show you how we have a great time in the snowparks.  In our blog we want to connect snowboarders, freeskiers and freeheelers as one family. THE ULTIMATE G-TEAM.
Our goal is having a great time at the mountains together, to learn new tricks, have a lot of fun….
Stay tuned!
The G-Team